Data Management

Data Management team acts as a support to the research
and administrative teams, providing a wide range of data services – from design and development of data-collection tools, database management, automated data evaluation and ensuring compliance with legal, procedural
and cybersecurity regulations of FNUSA.

Data Management in RESEARCH

By Data Management we mean all practices, manipulations, enhancements and processes that ensure high quality scientific data that is well organized, documented, stored, sustainably preserved, accessible and reusable.

Corti, 2014
  • Collect all relevant data
  • Convert data into electronic form
  • Remove all inconsistencies and preserve original information
  • Ensure the quality of the data collected
  • Retain data for further review or evaluation
  • High quality data for further processing
  • Overall satisfaction with the quality of the data (sponsor/provider)
  • Data with documents ready for audit
  • Data stored in a locked database containing the audit trail

Why do not use MS Excel for Data Management?

Using Excel as a database puts you at risk of working with inaccurate information and wasting time.

Since updates are only available after users save changes and files can be saved to any location, there may be multiple versions with conflicting or outdated data that need to be managed. Excel is useful for organizing data files only up to a certain size, once you reach the upper limit of data, the program’s response slows down and there is a risk of software crashes, resulting in errors in the program and stored data.

Discouraging use cases of MS Excel in Data Management

Data Management in ADMINISTRATION

Our services can also be used when working in an administrative environment. We offer assistance in creating online forms, which can be used for surveys, registration forms and many other purposes. We can also help you to create visualizations of survey results.

Examples of use in FNUSA
  • Employee satisfaction questionnaires
  • COVID-19 – Bed capacity monitoring system in FNUSA
  • Registration for rehabilitation of KTLR
  • Registration of participants for HR Awards trainings
  • Use of online questionnaires in recruitment
  • FNUSA Leadership Evaluation Questionnaire

Our tools

  • Pre-made templates for:
    • clinical trials
    • population studies
  • Gantt chart
  • Automatic alerts
  • Web interface
  • Online forms and CRF
  • Secure data storage
  • GDPR compliant
  • Detailed access rights management
  • Multicentre studies
  • Change history
  • Creating reports and dashboards
  • Direct connection to databases
  • Real-time data
  • Data quality control
  • Interactive reports
  • Possibility of statistical analyses

Documents to download

SOPs (accessible only in FNUSA network)