Looking for a tool to help you organize your project? Do you want to increase productivity and make cooperation and work easier for your colleagues?

What is OpenProject?
  • Project Management SW suitable for
    • clinical trials
    • research projects
    • administrative projects
  • A tool for collaboration among team members
Why use OpenProject?
  • Web interface
  • Access by using FNUSA LDAP credentials
  • Granular setup of user roles
  • Automated alerts
  • Flexible customization for each project

Functions and features

  • Home page
    • project overview page with important information
  • Overview of individual user activity
    • activity list with modification date and change record (changelog)
  • Work Packages
    • individual project sections (tasks, milestones, ..), can be assigned to specific user, with start and end dates, notes and description of the section
  • Gantt chart
    • a type of bar chart used in project management to graphically represent the scheduling of a sequence of activities over time
  • Calendar
    • individual Work Packages displayed on a weekly, monthly or annual calendar
  • Users
    • specific rights settings for each user
  • Documents
    • ability to share documents with other team members working on the project
  • Meetings
    • Planner with the ability to add minutes and other documentation
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