New dates for Excel and REDCap courses

New dates for Excel and REDCap courses

We have announced new dates for MS Excel and REDCap courses!

In the MS Excel course, you will learn how to load data tables from various sources, basic operations with data tables, work with data / text / logical expressions, how to filter, how to search and much more…

In the REDCap course, you will learn the basics of working with the system, creating questionnaires in both online and guided interview form. The seminar also includes basic functions for creating graphical reports. You can also ask specific questions about your project directly during the course.

The registration form for MS Excel course is available here.

The registration form for REDCap course is available here.

If you are also interested in other courses, but the dates are not avaliable, let us know via this form.

More information about courses are available here.