Quiz of the month – May

Quiz of the month – May

Test your knowledge and understanding of mathematics and logical thinking! Every month we have prepared a math or statistics quiz for you to test your knowledge or challenge your co-workers.

The Biostatistics Department also includes a Data Management team, which is dedicated to e.g. database creation and management. Patients’ birth numbers are used as an identifier for the patients they enter, which is unique for each citizen. The type of birth number varies depending on whether the citizen was born before/after 1954. For most post-1954 birth numbers (i.e. 10-digit), a number of rules apply to make it easy to identify typos and other errors when entering them into the databases. One of these is the divisibility of eleven without remainder.

So try checking the divisibility of your birth number by eleven. And to make it more complicated, try memorizing it. If you remember, there is a criterion for divisibility by eleven that allows you to do this calculation very easily. Do you know?

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