Quiz of the month – March

Quiz of the month – March

Test your knowledge and understanding of mathematics and logical thinking! Every month we have prepared a math or statistics quiz for you to test your knowledge or challenge your co-workers.

Thousands of patients have been tested for diabetes using a detection strip (glucose tolerance test)
in the doctor’s office. The same number of people then had their urine glucose levels tested to confirm the accuracy of the test result using the detection strip. This was needed to see if diabetes could be detected more quickly
and cheaper way of using just the detection strip.

The table shows the results of both tests.
What will be the resulting success rate of detecting diabetes with the glucose tolerance test (sensitivity) and what percentage of tests will be judged negative if the person does not have the disease (specificity)?

A) Senzitivity = 1 %
Specificity = 2 %

B) Senzitivity = 22
Specificity = 99 %

C) Senzitivity = 80 %
Specificity = 45 %

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