Quiz of the month – December

Quiz of the month – December

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Preparations for Christmas are at their peak, and Jana is about to go to the Christmas markets with her friends. She wants to leave the house but notices that she has no socks. And because she’s messy, she has 20 pairs of socks in her drawer that are not paired off. So she is taking one sock from the drawer:

a) How many socks does she has to take at least from the drawer to be sure to wear the same pair?

Hana has a drawer with the same number of socks, but unlike Jana, she has ten pairs with the same Christmas theme.

b) How many socks does Hana has to take from the drawer so that she is also sure to leave wearing the same socks?

c) How many socks does she has to take at least to be sure that the pair she wants to take to the Christmas markets will be in a Christmas pattern?

All 3 answers!